11th OF FEBRUARY from 09:30am until 11:00am

WTSUP! Beirut opening session

Start your week with inspiration and join the exciting opening of WTSUP! Beirut 2019, an event designed to support early-stage female entrepreneurial teams.

Come and meet the expert team of academics and entrepreneurs from the Nordic countries who are delivering, together with the local partners, a unique state-of-the-art education for 10-12 early-stage women-driven technology start-up teams.

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13th OF FEBRUARY from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm

WTSUP! Beirut pitching competition

Join the final pitching competition of WTSUP! Beirut and see the exciting startups propelled by Lebanese top-talent women. The winning team(s) will be propelled to attend and pitch at SLUSH (www.slush.org), one of the world’s top entrepreneurship mega-events held annually in Helsinki, Finland.

During the event, you will hear stories what was learnt during the event from the teams and expert mentors, and hear some exciting plans for the future collaboration between Lebanese and Nordic startup ecosystems.

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